What to Expect from Our Estate Sale Services

In a “nut shell” here is what we will do for you…

We will, clean, sort, stage, appraise, price, market and sell your items.

Your property will be left in sweep out condition.

At your direction, we will be happy to arrange charity pick up for you.

We will pick up any paper and trash from your yard after the sale.

From our initial consultation to the end of the sale with a neat and tidy sweep, you will experience “white glove service”.

We understand that your belongings or those of your loved ones have a history. Rest assured, will treat you and your possessions with respect and care.

We will carefully explain our services and options and let you decide which services would be best for you.

We will make sure that you understand our contract before you sign it. After the contract is signed, if we find money, jewelry or other valuables that you were unaware of, we will immediately bring it to your attention and give you the option of keeping them with no commission.

Repurposing & Recycling

Recycling and repurposing is important to us and our community. Rest assured we will recycle and repurpose your non saleable items as much as possible. Torn or unsuitable “for sale clothes” will be bundled for charity, metal recycled for charity, etc. Your leftover items may be sent to the organization of your choice.

Free Consultation

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